We are a team of experienced HR professionals with global experience.  Members of our team have worked in Human Resources in Canada, the US, the UK, Europe and Australia.  We have worked in the business, as well as in the Human Resources Department, so we know how important it is that new policies, procedures and new ways of doing things actually work on the front line, and not just in theory.  We have worked across a variety of sectors including IT/High Tec, Medicine, Telecoms, Healthcare, Engineering, Education, Architecture and in small start-up organisations.  We have also been candidates, applying for roles, so understand the stresses and strains of each stage of the process.  However, we are all individuals who can help you make the changes to get you where you, or your company, want to be.

Our Mission

We have two aims:

1. To help people get the job of their dreams.

2. To help companies have first rate HR Departments, with the technology and techniques to match.

Our mission is simple and achievable for all.

What We've Achieved

For Clients

  • We have helped clients across the world improve their CVs and resumes to distinguish them from the competition.
  • We have written outstanding answers to selection criteria.  Every candidate who has paid us to do this has got an interview.
  • We have shown our clients how to write strong cover letters, time after time, encouraging them to write them themselves, which lets the letter speak with "their voice", not ours.
  • We have trained several hundred people in interview techniques, helping them to ace their interviews.
  • We have conducted mock interviews via Skype with candidates internationally, giving them confidence when they face real interviewers.

For Companies

  • We have helped a large national company introduce psychometric testing for all their front line customer service roles.
  • We have revamped Graduate Recruitment for a small engineering firm based in the UK.
  • We have written HR Policies and Procedures for a start-up business in Australia.
  • We have written an interview training course, which has since been given to over 100 managers, for an international Software Development Company, based in Canada.
  • We have used personality profiling to assist a transport and logistics company to discover what was causing problems within one of their teams.  We then advised them about how to solve the problems, resulting in a happy and well motivated team.