Are you forever being overlooked for job roles that you know you are more than qualified to perform? Have you been made redundant and need help to get a new job quickly?  Are you struggling to get that promotion you know you deserve?

If you answered "yes", then Fremantle HR Consultancy and our team of globally experienced professionals is poised to help you ensure that you are identified as the right candidate for your dream job.

We know that sometimes applying for a job feels like climbing a mountain.  It can be hard if you don’t know your way and sometimes the rocks are just too difficult to climb over on your own.  That’s where we come in.  We will help you, guide you and lend a hand to help you scramble over all the obstacles in your path.

We can help you through the whole application and recruitment process.  A CV or resume written by an expert will make your skills and experience stand out.  An effective cover letter will get your application put to the top of the pile.  With interview training you can work towards the upward shift you deserve in your pay grade.  We will even do a practice interview with you over Skype if you want to be properly prepared.

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If you would like us to put together a package for you which is not offered in our shop, please contact us and we will tailor a package specifically for you.  We offer our services to candidates internationally and can also accept payments in USD and GBP.  Recent clients have been based in the US, Canada, the UK, and the Middle East as well as Australia.  Please contact us directly to order and arrange payment in an alternative currency.