New To Australia Package - Perth

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New To Australia Package - Perth


Have you just immigrated to Australia and finding it hard to get a job?  You have no contacts, companies seem to only recruit people with Australian experience and in some places, who you know counts more than what you know.

Welcome to an experience that most new immigrants have.

We can help you with our "New To Australia" package.  This is specifically, and solely for people who have immigrated to Australia on a permanent residency visa in the past 12 months, and who have not yet secured work.

It includes the following:

  1. CV/resume revamp.
  2. A cover letter.
  3. A document showing you how to tailor your cover letter for each job you apply to.
  4. A list of volunteering opportunities in Perth, to help you gain Australian work experience for your CV.
  5. Details of local recruitment agencies (and the specific consultants) who have shown themselves to be helpful to new immigrants.  All of the companies on the list have been mystery shopped by a member of our team.  This is currently quite short but is added to as we find recruitment consultants who have helped our clients.

Please note that face-to-face meetings are available Monday - Friday during school hours in term time and there is an additional charge of $100 for these.  Skype/Telephone consultations do not attract an additional fee.

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