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Executive CV or Resume


For candidates seeking a career-defining role, this service is vital. Gaining an advantage over other candidates has never been more important than at this level. Industries are small at the top and those overlooked for the top jobs are often identified swiftly. Avoid career-tarnishing mistakes and allow our team to scrutinise your resume to our exacting standards. A must for:

  • Executives (VP, CEO, CFO, Director)
  • Niche/specialist roles
  • Consultants (Medical)
  • School/College Principals
  • Senior Managers with over 20 years experience

Features: Unparalleled, acute and thorough CV study

Benefits: ROI at this level is colossal

Please note that face-to-face meetings are available Monday - Friday during school hours in term time and there is an additional charge of $100 for these.  Skype/Telephone consultations do not attract an additional fee.

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