Cover Letter Targeted To Specific Job

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Cover Letter Targeted To Specific Job

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Your cover letter may very well be the first impression you make to your potential employer. We will write you a cover letter for the job of your dreams, one that will get you noticed and your application put to the top of the pile. Our specialist recruitment knowledge equips us with the capabilities to flood your letter with the key words designed to make employers take notice. You may have a lot to say but recruiters are notorious for scanning for specific words. We will ensure that your letter is optimised fully.

Features: Full letter composition.

Benefits: Take advantage of industry secrets.

Please note that a cover letter is a one page introductory letter. It does not answer selection criteria, which require detailed examples to be provided. If an advert requires selection criteria to be addressed in a cover letter please purchase the “selection criteria” option.

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Once you have paid for your cover letter to be written for you, please email a copy of your CV or resume to with your name and "Cover Letter Information" in the header. 

Please note that we do not meet clients face-to-face for the preparation and writing of cover letters, unless they are part of a package such as selection criteria and cover letter or CV and cover letter.